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Gulati Paper Limited
Being the exclusive distributors of RAK and Arcuisine products (A
Division of ARC International) in Northern India till 2011, Gulati
Paper Limited is a well known company within the retailers, hotels
and restaurant chains. From 2012, Gulati Paper Limited has taken up
the opportunity of being the exclusive importers of Nadir Glassware
(Brazil) in India.
Nadir Glassware (Brazil) is a 100 year old company which offers a
wide range of glasses fulfilling the needs of different types of
customers. Due to the sincere efforts of Gulati Paper Limited, this
world renowned company is growing in India at a fast pace and
giving tough competition to other well established brands in India.
The key to success of Nadir Glassware is its innovative designs,
cutting edge prices and superior quality.   
Along with selling the products to distributors, we handle
institutional and corporate sales.
For any queries or business opportunities, please don’t hesitate to      
contact us.
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